Wearable technologies are in, cellphone voice calls are dying out for some, phablets are here to stay and “e-visits” will keep patients out of waiting rooms while cutting global health-care costs.

That is the future of the Canadian technology, media and telecom landscape in 2014 — at least as the financial services firm Deloitte sees it.

Deloitte’s tech trends prognosticator-in-chief, Duncan Stewart, presented the firm’s 13th annual Canadian TMT (technology, media and telecommunications) Predictions report today in Toronto.

“The concept I want to introduce in 2014 is the idea of the ‘mass niche,’ ” the Deloitte director of TMT research said. “Even a minority of a significantly large market can be a really big thing.”

Data was sourced from global industry players and polls. The data includes Canada-only predictions based on 1,032 Ipsos-Reid interviews conducted online nationally.

Source: CBC News