BrandSix, a boutique digital consulting agency, announced today that they have committed to continue work with AccessorizeForAwareness ( an online grass roots movement that promotes Pancreatic Cancer Awareness. AccessorizeForAwareness sells bracelets with a variety of different charms. One hundred percent of the proceeds from each sale goes to the cause.

BrandSix founder Steve, helped launched AccessorizeForAwareness and offered their services to help the campaign go digital. Since inception, BrandSix has donated over $30K worth of web design, development, hosting and consulting services in support of the campaign. “We are proud to be helping spread awareness of pancreatic cancer by supporting all AFA endeavors.

“In 2015, we have committed to work with AFA in creating new packaging, revamp the AFA website, hosting and consulting services” said Steve, “We have also attended every AFA related event and will continue to going forward”.

BrandSix is a boutique digital consulting company based in Toronto, helping small businesses achieve success online.