Meet BrandSix

BrandSix is a global boutique digital consulting company. We bring a crafted and inspired individual approach to every small business we work with, which is why we have a loyal following of clients, partners and users.

Our Team

A team who is highly specialized and vastly experienced with proven results.

John Hooper - Founder / President

Karl Giere - President

Mike Roundtree - President

Jude Addo - Head of Development

Mark Wilson - Head of Digital Strategy

Yaw Anim Agyei - Head of Web Development

Our Services

Boutique digital services without the cost of hiring large web agencies.

Intelligent Internet Marketing & Strategy

Rule no. 1: In order to sell products or services, you need an audience. BrandSix along with strategic partners construct, execute and manage in-depth social media and digital marketing plans which create brand awareness through proactive and sustainable methods.

Creative Web Design & Development

From an idea to reality, developing an online presence requires an experienced team. BrandSix’s team of developers specialize in the creation of fully custom interactive websites, software and web applications.

Social Media Management

Social media has become an integral part of business. We build social strategies that are uniquely designed for your brand and find the voice that speaks to your audience. With weekly analytics, we track and optimize on the when/where/how/who/what across the social media channels for your brand.


From draft concept to print material creation to retail store design, BrandSix consults one-on-one with exclusive clientele to create, manage and launch brands created for the masses.

IT Consulting

From concept development to design and execution, we help guide your brand to reach your objectives with our highly experienced team.


Presented is a small sample of BrandSix projects.